Environment monitoring with sensors and Raspberry Pi

Posted on Tue, 10 March 2015 in development • Tagged with linux, development, iot, raspberry pi

I recently delve into the numerous opportunities of light-weight computing, in form of a Raspberry Pi 2. You can find out how to do the basic setup of the Raspberry Pi for this experiment in an earlier blog post.


The aim of this experiment is to monitor the room temperature and relative humidity at my home and outside temperature at given intervals, and to publish this info in some form. I chose this simple experiment to be my first real application of my new IoT platform.

Sensors and communication

For this experiment I needed a couple of wireless temperature …

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Getting started with Raspberry Pi 2

Posted on Sun, 22 February 2015 in development • Tagged with development, raspberry pi, linux, iot

Internet of Things has been on top of hype for quite some time. Surely every nerd out there must have a go on this :) Here’s the beginning of mine.


I chose Raspberry Pi 2 as the basis for my experiments. Quite many of my friends have already produced some amazing stuff with this tiny and affordable computer. So I am relying on the fact, that help is available when needed, on top of the always helpful internet, of course.

Initial setup and first boot

When I purchaced my Raspberry Pi, I bought also a pre-installed NOOBS SD memory …

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