Setting up Python development environment

Posted on Thu, 31 July 2014 in development • Tagged with python, development, writing, blog, pelican

I use Python for all kinds of data munging and analytical (e.g. Machine learning) tasks, and generating this site with Pelican.

OS X comes with preinstalled Python, which in latest version 10.9 Mavericks is Python 2.7.5. We are all good to go then? Well, not quite on my opinion. I like to have a development environment, which is easy to maintain ja easily configurable, and preferably up-to-date.


Your operating system should be OS X 10.9 Mavericks, with Xcode installed (we need the command line tools). You can download and install Xcode from Mac App …

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Why I moved to a static site from WordPress

Posted on Thu, 17 July 2014 in development • Tagged with writing, blogging, python, pelican, markdown

Couple of days ago I reneved my site. My old site contained information of my business Orchid Bits, and what I could do with my customers. There was not much content, still the relevant info was there to be found. There was a blog, but it was basically waiting content. The old site was built using local installation of WordPress.

WordPress experiences

WordPress is an excellent publishing platform, on my opinion and experience. It provides almost endless possibities for expansion via plugin system and the appearance can be customized almost to every imaginable design via themes.

I like WordPress a …

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