Process a MIME message with Python

Posted on Tue, 12 June 2018 in development • Tagged with development, python, data, data engineering

Today I needed to process a MIME message, to quickly verify the content. Here’s how I did it.

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Linting Python in Visual Studio Code

Posted on Thu, 01 February 2018 in development • Tagged with development, editor, python, vscode

Linting will improve your code quality immensely. With this short hands-on guide, we can do so right within Visual Studio Code.

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A journey to Dockerize Voikko & Python App

Posted on Sun, 03 September 2017 in development • Tagged with development, python, docker, nlp, data

Analyzing Finnish text and words requires tools, and Voikko is one of the few existing. It can be very difficult to install though. This is how I resolved that issue with Docker.

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How-to install Jupyter to virtualenv

Posted on Sun, 06 August 2017 in data • Tagged with data, python, jupyter, worknotes

A short how-to on installing Jupyter within virtualenv on Python 3.

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How-to install Python 3.6.1 on CentOS 7

Posted on Wed, 05 July 2017 in development • Tagged with development, python, linux, centos

This article is a revisit to a previous article dating back a little over an year, in which I installed Python 3.5.1 from sources. This time I will install Python 3.6.1 from a yum repository.

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Three steps to lint Python 3.6 in Sublime Text

Posted on Sun, 22 January 2017 in development • Tagged with development, sublime text, linting, python, worknotes

Writing consistent, well-formed code is important. With these three easy steps you are linting your Python 3.6 code within Sublime Text in no time!

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Review of 2016

Posted on Sat, 31 December 2016 in random • Tagged with podcasts, learning, productivity, development, projects, data, architecture, aws, python, javascript

A review of 2016, and what I have been doing.

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Connecting to SQL Server from Python app on CentOS 7

Posted on Mon, 02 May 2016 in development • Tagged with development, python, linux, centos, sql server

In some projects I need to connect to SQL Server (2008 and 2012) from Python app running on CentOS 7 server. There are some steps needed to install necessary ODBC driver. Here’s how I did it.

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How-to install Python 3.5.1 on CentOS 7

Posted on Tue, 26 April 2016 in development • Tagged with development, python, linux, centos

CentOS 7 has Python 2.7 installed out of the box and is used by the system itself to enable quite a few handy commands, such as yum.

As a Python coder I too have been struggling to decide between Python 2 and Python 3 for new projects. I made the transition to Python 3 during last year, for the benefits it gives me out of the box, e.g. default Unicode support. Read more here and here. It’s worth to note, that not all projects are supporting Python 3, yet.

So, how can I run my apps on …

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Setting up Python development environment

Posted on Thu, 31 July 2014 in development • Tagged with python, development, writing, blog, pelican

I use Python for all kinds of data munging and analytical (e.g. Machine learning) tasks, and generating this site with Pelican.

OS X comes with preinstalled Python, which in latest version 10.9 Mavericks is Python 2.7.5. We are all good to go then? Well, not quite on my opinion. I like to have a development environment, which is easy to maintain ja easily configurable, and preferably up-to-date.


Your operating system should be OS X 10.9 Mavericks, with Xcode installed (we need the command line tools). You can download and install Xcode from Mac App …

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