Process a MIME message with Python

Posted on Tue, 12 June 2018 in development • Tagged with development, python, data, data engineering

Today I needed to process a MIME message, to quickly verify the content. Here’s how I did it.

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Setting up Dockerized Neo4j for data analysis

Posted on Tue, 12 September 2017 in development • Tagged with neo4j, docker, data science, data

I came across an interesting article on London Tube system analysis with Neo4j. This is how I set up Neo4j Docker instance for the journey.

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A journey to Dockerize Voikko & Python App

Posted on Sun, 03 September 2017 in development • Tagged with development, python, docker, nlp, data

Analyzing Finnish text and words requires tools, and Voikko is one of the few existing. It can be very difficult to install though. This is how I resolved that issue with Docker.

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How-to install Jupyter to virtualenv

Posted on Sun, 06 August 2017 in data • Tagged with data, python, jupyter, worknotes

A short how-to on installing Jupyter within virtualenv on Python 3.

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Review of 2016

Posted on Sat, 31 December 2016 in random • Tagged with podcasts, learning, productivity, development, projects, data, architecture, aws, python, javascript

A review of 2016, and what I have been doing.

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