This is my personal blog for organizing and sharing my thoughts on subjects of my professional and personal interests. Articles are usually written in English and sometimes in Finnish — my native tongue — in a worknotes kind of fashion.

What you can find here

I love to learn and explore. In every case, I write worknotes. In many cases I publish them here. You can expect articles at least on the following mostly technology and development oriented topics.

Toolchain of choice

  • Git for Version Control
  • GitLab for Git hosting and CI
  • Visual Studio Code as an Code Editor
  • Trello for project management
  • Slack (integrations and chatbots makes a happy developer)


  • Flask ecosystem for REST APIs and Webhooks
  • pandas, jupyter, seaborn, scikit-learn etc. for Data Analytics related needs
  • Data Pipeline, automation and chatbots

JavaScript & Node.js

  • Express and AWS Lambda + API Gateway for REST API development
  • React.js for SPA development

Data storage

  • PostgreSQL for pretty much anything
  • MongoDB and DynamoDB for documents (objects)
  • Neo4j Graph DB for heavily connected data

Production Environments and relating technologies

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Serverless
  • Heroku
  • Netlify
  • Firebase
  • Docker
  • CentOS 7 Linux

Tech stack wordcloud


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janikarh (at) gmail (dot) com