Book Review: REST API Development with Node.js

Posted on Sat, 10 November 2018 in books • Tagged with development, nodejs, api, book review

A review of Fernando Doglio’s book REST API Development with Node.js: Manage and Understand the Full Capabilities of Successful REST Development 2nd Edition.

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Verify Slack requests in AWS Lambda and Python

Posted on Sat, 30 June 2018 in development • Tagged with development, python, aws, lambda, serverless, slack, security

Slack announced yesterday a new way to verify the HTTP requests for e.g. Slash commands and Events API it sends to web server. In this article I will show how to implement this in Python and AWS Lambda.

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Process a MIME message with Python

Posted on Tue, 12 June 2018 in development • Tagged with development, python, data, data engineering

Today I needed to process a MIME message, to quickly verify the content. Here’s how I did it.

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Talking about public speaking

Posted on Sat, 24 March 2018 in random • Tagged with speaking, seminars, personal development

My first experience of speaking in front of a live audience.

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Linting Python in Visual Studio Code

Posted on Thu, 01 February 2018 in development • Tagged with development, editor, python, vscode

Linting will improve your code quality immensely. With this short hands-on guide, we can do so right within Visual Studio Code.

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Portainer Up and Running

Posted on Sat, 20 January 2018 in development • Tagged with development, docker

Portainer is a handy Open Source GUI to manage your Docker environments. This is a quick guide to get you up and running.

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First steps with Visual Studio Code

Posted on Tue, 19 December 2017 in development • Tagged with development, editor, vscode

Being a long time user of Sublime Text, this feels odd. Very odd. Yet totally in a good way.

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Replacing Web App with Slack Dialogs

Posted on Fri, 03 November 2017 in development • Tagged with development, slack

Replacing custom Web Apps with Slack Dialogs.

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Production Checklist

Posted on Mon, 16 October 2017 in development • Tagged with development, ops, monitoring, logging, architecture, security

Designing and developing applications is fun. When the time to go live nears, there are couple of things you want to have answers ready and documented.

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Setting up Dockerized Neo4j for data analysis

Posted on Tue, 12 September 2017 in development • Tagged with neo4j, docker, data science, data

I came across an interesting article on London Tube system analysis with Neo4j. This is how I set up Neo4j Docker instance for the journey.

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